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Last Updated March 01, 2016
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edible nutmeg spring 2016 cover


Of all the experiences I've had, editing the pages of Edible Nutmeg has proven to consistently be the most interesting and rewarding. I have always known how rich Connecticut's small and sustainable food scene is, but the variety of characters and personalities that build that scene never cease to entertain, delight, and educate.

I'm perhaps most struck by the enthusiasm that accompanies the efforts of our state's food producers. In the face of challenges, their optimism invariably rises to the top. Time and time again I meet chefs, farmers, and entrepreneurs who are willing to pursue a harder road – and one not guaranteed to be more financially rewarding – because they believe so deeply in the work they are doing and the prosperity it will ultimately impart to their communities.

One of the hardest things I faced when I was growing up was the disparity between the idealism I was taught in school – to always do what I believed was right – and the immensely seductive opportunity to do something easier that might not ring true to my beliefs or ethics. I see this same dilemma presented to many members of our small food community and I am consistently awed by their dedication to the "harder road" of championing environmental and sustainable causes. Their work benefits all of us and I hope that you will lend your support to them as advocates and patrons.

As winter gives way to spring, I'm thankful for the agricultural bounty that will follow, and for the abundance of hard-working men and women who bring that bounty to our plates and tables. As always, Edible Nutmeg is a celebration of their innovation and spirit. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about them as much as I have, and I hope that Edible Nutmeg will, for years to come, continue to serve as an intermediary through which readers can connect and engage with the food producers who bring vitality to our small communities.

-Dana Jackson, Editor & Publisher

Gone to Seed: Exploring Connecticut's Seed Libraries

seed packets
Tucked into corners of libraries throughout Connecticut, cabinets and drawers are filled with the future: seeds. Not only are they the perfect foil for winter’s slumber, but they may well be the...

Knowing Your Seeds

knowing your seeds edible ink
Growing your own vegetables from seeds can be as satisfying as it is delicious. It’s not as difficult as you may think—but it does require some planning.

Fueling The World: A Fairfield Couple’s Startup Journey in Organic Juices

planet fuel organic juices for kids
An entrepreneur will tell you that inspiration can strike at any time and in any place. For Amy Barnouw, the vision for Planet Fuel Beverage Company revealed itself while she was standing in line at...

Warm Carrot Salad

warm carrot salad
Spring provides plenty of fresh agricultural bounty here in Connecticut, but also gives us the opportunity to finish off some of winter’s remaining root vegetables and other stored crops. This...

Common Ground Empowers High School Students to Lead Healthy Lives

young gardener waters plants in the children’s garden
Most of us probably share roughly similar memories of our high school experience, in which we likely spent much of our time sitting at a desk, waiting for a bell to indicate the moment at which we...

Chef Chris Eddy's Five-Diamond Winivian Recipe: Become a Seed-to-Table Farm

Chef Chris Eddy
Winivian Farms aims to be a seed-to-table farm with almost everything that shows up on a plate at Winvian's AAA Five-Diamond restaurant being grown on the farm or in its greenhouses.

Arugula: A Stepping-Stone to Healthy Eating

arugula pesto
Arugula is a salad green that provides various vitamins and nutrients and is also a great source of antioxidants, which work to strengthen our bodies against simple illnesses and even more complex...

Arugula Pesto with Marcona Almonds and White Truffle Oil

arugula pesto
This peppery pesto is delicious brushed on chicken or fish, as a crostini topping, served as a garnish on top of tomato soup, or added as a spread for a decadent twist on the classic grilled cheese...

Kent Falls Brewing Company

Kent Falls Brewing Company
Kent Falls Brewing Company co-founder, Barry Labendz, chats with us about the brewery's first year of business, its dedication to using locally sourced ingredients, and its future on-site tasting room...

Recipes: Our Culture of Food

recipe tabs
The story of food is the story of an amazingly endless variety of ideas, obstinately embellished over time by human ingenuity, about how to grow, prepare, and consume nutritious and flavorful food.

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