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By Dana Jackson / Photography By Glenn Hilliard | Last Updated June 01, 2016
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edible nutmeg summer 2016


This is a wonderful time to eat in Connecticut. The bounty of spring is still upon us: green, leafy vegetables and delicious fresh herbs; summer's incredible variety is in full swing: corn, summer squashes, heirloom tomatoes (like those on this issue's cover!), and more; and the rich tastes of fall, both sweet and savory, lie ahead.

It's hard to be anything but optimistic with such an array of locally grown food before us in fields, home kitchens, and restaurants, but it can be easy to forget that not everyone in Connecticut has easy or affordable access to the food community that enriches our state.

With this in mind, it has been a pleasure to bring together a number of stories about individuals and organizations that are working toward making Connecticut's food resources both more accessible and affordable for everyone in the state. I hope you'll enjoy reading about New Milford Hospital's Plow-To-Plate program, which works to bring "small food" to the typically "big food" world of medicine, and CitySeed, a group mandated with bringing fresh, Connecticut-grown crops into New Haven's urban areas. The same goes for this issue's feature on GreenWave, which, among its many endeavors is launching the world's first underwater community garden, allowing New Haven residents to participate in farming the Sound's kelp, oysters, and mussels.

The common theme between these stories is not merely their shared connection to Connecticut food. Perhaps more importantly, it is their connection to Connecticut community, which has diminished as food has transitioned from something that was locally produced to something that is grown in other states, and sometimes even other nations, by people we will never get to know or share that food with.

I grew up in the middle of this transition, and though I did not then recognize it, I was divorced from what I ate. It came from the grocery store in exchange for money, nothing more. But in recent years, I think we have collectively begun to recognize the broad spectrum of the food cycle, and that, without the community that creates and shares our food, it loses much of its value. It will still nourish the body, but does it nourish our need for connection and vitality? That, I think, is what is lost.

Food has always been the connective tissue of our communities. Our friends visit for dinner; we share a pitcher of lemonade with neighbors on a hot Sunday afternoon; family gathers from distant places for a backyard cookout. So I'm proud to be able to bring attention to organizations and companies like these that are doing more than simply growing our food. They are, too, helping to strengthen our communities, connecting people not only to what they eat, but also to each other, through communal spaces, shared tables, and exchange of ideas.

This summer, I hope that you will share some of Connecticut's agricultural abundance with your own friends, family, and community, and that you'll join me in recognizing the communal benefits and joy of partaking in all aspects of the food cycle with those around you. And as always, I thank you for being a part of Edible Nutmeg's community.

-Dana Jackson, Editor & Publisher

Using Food to Heal Bodies and Community at New Milford Hospital

Kerry Gold
New Milford Hospital is embracing their innovative and successful Plow to Plate program, which aims to provide nutritious and enjoyable food for patients.

Summer Mini Veggie-Quiches

veggie quiches
As a plant-based cooking educator, I teach about the extraordinary health benefits we garner from eating plants. Even our humblest, most common veggies are packed with the fiber, minerals, vitamins,...

Bantam Bread Company

Niles Golovin and Jan Chin
Bantam Bread Company was launched by Niles Golovin in 1996 and offers gourmet cheeses, chocolates, Spanish olive oils, rustic pastries and of course, bread.

Summer Cocktails

summer cocktail
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a light and refreshing cocktail. Try out these 2 recipes below!

Kelp: The Gateway Vegetable

Isaac Taylor with kelp
Thimble Island Farm operates completely below water and grows ten tons of kelp per acre, as well as clams, oysters, mussels, scallops and whelk, all of which are making their way to the local dining...

Chef Prasad Chirnomula's Innovative Take on Indian Cuisine

Chef Prasad Chirnomula
Chef Prasad Chirnomula is pursing the potentially risky goal of introducing true, regional Indian cuisine to New Canaan diners, doing so with an emphasis on local meats and produce.

Cityseed Brings Connecticut's Small Farms to the City

Mobile Market Cityseed
CitySeed is a non-profit organization which provides an avenue for small farms to bring their products to the urban market while providing the community with fresh, healthy produce.

Strawberry Shortcakes with Bourbon Whipped Cream

strawberry shortcakes
A few tricks to fluffy biscuits: first, keep your butter cold! This is why the food processor is a great way to cut the butter into the flour. It's quick and doesn't alter the butter temperature too...

The Dawn of the Farmpreneur

Ben Paletsky
Paletsky believes the future of farming is in AgTech and this quest eventually led to a successful grass-fed beef operation branded as Galloway Beef.

Heirloom Tomato "BLT" Sandwiches with Micro Lemon Basil Mayonnaise and Onion Confit

heirloom tomato blt
These sandwiches are a "fancier" take on your typical BLT's and are garnished with heirloom tomatoes, micro lemon basil mayonnaise and onion confit.
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